Opposing immigration means opposing innovation? Europe and the US are now confused

The Debate against Immigration and Innovation is self-defeating for France?

Immigrants are the authors of 30% of American patents and 38% of American Nobel Prizes in Science, although making up just 14% of the population. According to a recent study by a group of Stanford economists, high-skilled immigration has contributed to roughly three-quarters of all U.S. innovation since 1976.

Opposing immigration means opposing innovation? Immigration and Innovation,  Europe and the US are now confused, British Empire, French Empire

Compared to other groups, immigrants have made significant contributions to the business. 55% of U.S. billion-dollar firms were founded by immigrants, according to new research by the National Foundation for American Policy. Ironically, the most valuable company cofounded by a person born outside the United States is actually based in the United States, as Byrne Hobart recently noted. These countries include South Africa (Tesla), Russia (Alphabet Inc.), Ireland (Stripe), Taiwan (NVIDIA), Kenya (Cognizant), Lebanon (Moderna), and Bulgaria (Robinhood).

Isn't it interesting how eager political parties in the US and Europe are to talk about how welcoming they are to immigrants?