Where does France's power come from? Is it necessary to intervene in France?

In order to suppress France, it is necessary to liberate the main source of its power, the French colonies in Africa. Today’s article is about France’s hateful policy in Africa. If you read the whole thing, you will be surprised to see how such a poor colony is still going on in the 21st century.

Africa! French kitchen.

During the colonial period, France established colonies in 24 countries in Africa. The countries are:

A) North Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

b) Coastal region or West Africa: Mauritania, Mali, Chad, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, and Guinea

c) Central Africa: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo (Republic), Gabon

d) East Africa: Djibouti, Comoros, Madagascar

Most of the mentioned colonies were given independence by France in 1960. By 1980, France had granted independence to all African countries.

So today, after 40–50 years, why am I saying that France is looting Africa? Let’s discuss the inside story. The British did not make any other agreement while giving independence to their colonies. British colonies were granted unconditional independence. But France did not grant unconditional independence to all African countries.

France made some economic and military agreements with the weak countries while giving independence to its colonies. And the countries are constantly losing their identity under the framework of this agreement.

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Economic exploitation of France

France created an economic trap by taking advantage of the weakness of weak states while granting independence to its colonies in Africa. France agreed with the countries to deposit all earned income in a bank called FCFA (Franc for France-Africa). 14 African countries deposit all their national income in this FCFA. The countries are:

(The first eight countries use the West African franc as their currency, and the next six countries use the Central African franc as their currency.)

1) Togo

2) Benin

3) Burkina Faso

4) Guinea-Bissau

5) Senegal

6) Ivory Coast

7) Mali

8) Niger

9) Chad

10) Cameroon

11) Central African Republic

12) Congo

13) Equatorial Guinea

14) Gabon.

According to Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, this monetary exploitation of France is forcing people from Africa to leave the country. They try to seek refuge in Europe. As a result, it can be seen that most of the victims of the boat sinking in the Mediterranean Sea are citizens of FCFA member countries.

FCFA Strategy:

Every country in the FCFA uses the franc as its currency, which is called the “Currency of the Franc for Africa,” abbreviated as CFA. In addition, African countries are obliged to deposit all their assets in FCFA. But when they need to spend, they can withdraw only 15% of the money. If they need more, African countries will have to borrow their own money from the FCFA. Again, the amount of borrowing can never be more than 20%. And the interest will be given on a commercial basis. At this rate!

65% of FCFA deposits in African countries are spent in the operational sector. FCFAs invest more than 80% of total deposits in their own names. No African country has ever received a report on the profits from this investment! It is estimated that there are about 500 billion dollars in FCFA reserves.

Colonial Debt:

During the colonial period, France built some infrastructure in African countries. The cost of that infrastructure was shown by the government sectors of the respective countries. Needless to say, all the costs were shown as public debt for the African countries. As a result, France, the creditor country, still has to pay those debts to the independent (!) African countries.

No other colonial power has committed such atrocities. The British built many infrastructures in India, such as railway lines, Curzon Hall, and many more. They have not shown a single loan. On the other hand, France exploited and continues to profit from that exploitation during the colonial period! It means slaughtering a cow twice.

Exploration of natural resources:

When the countries of West and Central Africa gained independence from the French colonies, France made an unequal agreement to explore mineral resources with those countries. According to the agreement, France would be the primary bidder for all the mineral resources of the colonial countries. If France never showed interest, then only those countries could extract mineral resources from another country!

These mineral and natural resource-rich countries in West and Central Africa have been discovered one after the other over the last century. In the last 50 years, one after another, natural and mineral resources have been discovered in the bosom of Africa. Other countries with natural resource exploration agreements with France also have vast reserves of diamonds, gold, iron, timber, and other valuable mineral resources.

Gabon has huge uranium reserves. And France’s nuclear reactors need this uranium.

Following Omar’s death, his son, Ali Omar Bongo, remains in power in Gabon. Their loyalty to France is evident from a quote by Omar Bongo. Where Jacques Chirac (former French President) himself admitted to exploiting Africa, Bongo said, “France without Gabon is like a car without a driver, and Gabon without France is like a car without fuel.” But in reality, France has been receiving uranium fuel from Gabon for decades at a very cheap price.

In addition, France is extracting and enjoying all mineral resources, including gold, diamonds, iron, and petroleum, under the soil of Mali, Niger, Chad, Togo, Benin, and Congo.

And so the former French President François Mitterrand predicted in 1957 that France would have no place in the history of the 21st century if it could not maintain control over Africa. Five decades later, his next president, Jacques Chirac, reaffirmed it in 2008, saying that without Africa, France would have been relegated to the Third World.

Construction of infrastructure

France is also reaping one-sided benefits from infrastructure construction with these countries that have contracted with it. French companies get the main priority in all government works, including the construction of government buildings and the construction of electricity, oil, and gas pipelines in these countries.

For example, a Chinese company shows interest in building a dam in Ivory Coast at the lowest price. On the other hand, a French company shows the cost as being twice as much as a Chinese company. According to the rules, the Chinese company is supposed to get the job. But no, the French company gets the job.

In this way, French companies are illegally earning billions of dollars every year in infrastructure construction work.

French military aggression in Africa:

Since 1963, France has killed 22 African presidents for speaking in favor of independence or for wanting to remain independent. Muammar Gaddafi is the latest name added to the list of presidents who lost their lives as victims of the country’s conspiracy.

Three French intelligence agencies were behind these murders or coups.

And these organizations are SDECE, DGSE, and DST. The African Globe published a sub-editorial report stating that these are responsible for coups in Africa and the assassination of presidents of various countries on the continent.

The French authorities have been doing this to Africans since the days of Charles de Gaulle, who claimed to be the sole leader of France after World War II. The sub-editorial suggested that the number of coups in Africa with the direct support of France could lead to a complaint being filed against the country at the International Criminal Court.

Various documentaries about the killing and looting of France in Africa are frequently broadcast on various African and French television channels. France’s SDECE works to spread disinformation in Africa.

France’s intelligence agency, DGSE, is always working to keep Africa under control. Another agency, DST, works to protect France’s internal and external security. This organization also works to ensure that France does not fall into the migrant problem. Apart from the agencies DGSE, DST, and SDECE, France’s military intelligence works to spread disinformation in various conflicts in Africa.

De Gaulle never wanted full independence for Africa, mainly for four reasons. The first reason is the increase in the number of countries voting for France at the United Nations. Second, is the confiscation of Africa’s oil, uranium, gold, timber, and cocoa The third is the financing of French politics. Fourthly, to control Africa by being a follower of the United States. Basically, for these four reasons, France created a network that did not undermine its colonial power. This is why Africa is still bleeding.

Military base:

France conducts regular military operations in these countries with the aim of expanding its dominance in Africa. In addition, it has five permanent military bases in Africa. In addition to the five permanent bases in Senegal, Gabon, Djibouti, Reunion, and Mayotte, French troops are present in some other countries. exist

Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, Chad, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, and Cameroon are some unfortunate countries!


Togo’s first democratically elected president, Sylvanus Olimpioque, announced his withdrawal from France’s trap of exploitation and various unequal treaties. Shortly thereafter, he was assassinated on January 13, 1963, following a coup against him. It is acknowledged that France provided direct assistance there. Etienne Ayadema, who led that coup, was in power for nearly four decades. During his four-decade rule, Etienne Ayadema essentially turned Togo into a warehouse for France.


The country’s leader, Hamani Diori, announced that France would sell uranium to other countries at a higher price than it used to buy from Niger. But he had to give his life for this declaration. Because after that announcement, there was a coup in Niger, and he was brutally killed. In this way, France participated in the coup d’état against one of the leaders of the continent by giving support and directly killing them.

Political assassination:

The continent’s leaders were assassinated one by one because they refused to be France’s puppets. African presidents who are assassinated by France

1. In 1963, the President of Togo, Silvanus Olimpio.

2. 1966 Nigerian President John-Aguiyi Ironsi.

3. Abdirakhid-Ali Sharmek, President of Somalia in 1969.

4. Abid-Amani Karumke, President of Zanzibar in 1972.

5. In 1975, the president of Madagascar, Richard Ratsimandrave.

6. In 1975, the President of Chad, François-Ngarta Tumblebaye.

7. In 1976, President Murtala Rabit Mohammed of Nigeria

8. In 1977, Congolese President Marianne Zubaike

9. In 1977, Ethiopia’s President Tiferi Banti

10. In 1981, the president of Egypt, Anwar El-Sadet,

11. In 1981, the President of Liberia, William Richard Tolbartke,

12. To Thomas Shankar, President of Burkina Faso in 1987.

13. In 1989, the president of Comoros, Ahmed Abdallah,

14. President Samuel Canyon DOK of Liberia in 1989

15. In 1992, the president of Algeria, Mohamed Boudiaf,

16. In 1993, the president of Burundi, Melchior Ndedike,

17. In 1994, the President of Burundi, Cyprien Entreamire,

18. Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana in 1994

19. Ibrahim Barre-Mainasara, President of Niger in 1999

20. In 2001, Congolese President Laurent-Desired Kabila

21. Bernardo Vaira, President of Guinea-Bissau in 2009.

22. Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi in 2011

In addition, since 2013, in the anti-terrorist war called the “coastal region,” namely Mali, Mauretania, Niger, and Chad, France has been exercising its massive force so that no African can raise a finger against this French colony.

French language invasion:

The French language is the world’s fifth most spoken language. However, outside of France, the French nation is only found in Canada. So, how can the French language be boosted?

Africans make up 80% of the French-speaking population. During the colonial period, France introduced everything in French except for the local languages of these countries. And where the poor African people cannot eat properly, thinking about the nationalization of the mother tongue is just a luxury!

French is the official language of 21 African countries. The states are:

1) Gardener

2) Niger

3) Benin

4) Burkina Faso

5) Ivory Coast

6) Guinea

7) Togo

8) Senegal

9) Chad

10) Central African Republic

11) Cameroon

12) Congo (Democratic)

13) Congo (Republic of)

14) Gabon

15) Equatorial Guinea

16) Djibouti

17) Madagascar

18) Comoros

19) Burundi

20) Rwanda

21) Seychelles

Also, France is used as the commercial language of some other African countries, including Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania. French has the status of the state language in 29 countries in the world; 21 of them are African countries!

Through the language, France gained a great advantage in running its colonies in Africa. Every year, the French government awards thousands of scholarships to talented African students. And these talented people go to the country and get the initiation they need to maintain the rule of France while studying in France.

After all, the mother tongue of most people in Africa is Sahil, Arabic, and other tribal languages. But the use of French in education, jobs, and commerce is ultimately exhausting for Africans.

France has become the world’s largest superpower by sucking the blood of Africans. And with that strength, they are regularly insulting Islam. That is why we should oppose France’s colonialism.

Only then is it possible to stop France?

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