Countries of the word

In general defination, the term "world" as called to the totality of entities over the earth.trere are many things on worlds mainly we focuns on human animal and water etc but we will provide here deepest thing on this platfrom.
The World Largest Infomration and Collection-It's Provide land area,population,Geography Maps Flag History Current ruler Area Population Capital Largest cities Languages Ethnicity/race Religion Literacy rate Economy Government and many more.for batter education and knowledge provide a all related education related topic for batter tomorrow.we daily add many topics informations articls and blog here on our website to prmote more on knowledge based.
there are many Countries of the word which have many similarities and dissimilarities,some counties have diffient languages food and fashions.all have diffinet curruncy and rate of things also diffnet according to their GDP rates.according to law side all countries have diffent laws on diffent clrimes. our world have only human servival planet over gallaxy.we still not find a diffent world yet.
here on country info we try to provide all information that will help to us to know a batter world relation and we can learn many thing here for other countries peoples their langunages their ecomonay and business.we also have many tools to like conversion tools that also very helpful.