About Brazil

Capital Rio de Janeiro
National Name Republica de brazil
National Holiday New Year's Day
Language Portuguese
Brazil country code +55
President Jair Bolsonaro(2021)
Land Area 8.516 million km²
Total Area 8.516 million km²
Population 21.1 crores (2019)
Groth Rate 1.1%
Birth rate 1.73/1000
Infant Mortality rate 12.4/1000
Life Expectancy 75.67 years
Density 25.6/Km2
Currency Currencies/Brazil
Literacy Rate 93.01% (2020 est)


Brazil formally the Federative Republic of Brazil,[a] is that the largest country in each South America and geographical area. It covers a vicinity of 8,515,767 sq. km, with a density of living people of over 211 million. Brazil is that the world's fifth-largest and sixth-most inhabited country, composed of 26 states and also the administrative division.


Some of the earliest human remains found within the Americas, Luzia girl, were found within the space of Pedro Leopoldo, Minas Gerais and supply proof of human habitation going back a minimum of eleven,000 years. The earliest pottery ever found within the hemisphere was excavated within the Amazon basin of Brazil and C dated to eight,000 years agone (6000 BC).


Brazil occupies an outsized space on the jap coast of South America and includes a lot of the continent's interior, sharing land borders with South American country to the south; Argentina and South American country to the southwest; Bolivia and South American nation to the west; South American nation to the northwest; and South American nation, Guyana, South American nation and France to the north.


Roman Catholicism is that the country's predominant religion. Brazil has the world's largest Catholic population. 2% Protestantism; 2.0% Kardecist spiritism; 3.2% alternative religions, unacknowledged or undetermined; whereas 8.0% haven't any faith. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, which just about all of the population speaks and is just about the sole language employed in newspapers, radio, television, and for business and body functions.


Brazilian preparation varies greatly by region, reflective of the country's variable mixture of autochthonous and migrant populations. This has created a national preparation marked by the preservation of regional variations. Examples are Feijoada, thought-about the country's national dish


Tourism in Brazil may be a growing sector and key to the economy of many regions of the country. The country had 6.36 million guests in 2015, ranking in terms of the international tourist’s arrivals because the main destination is Southern America and the second geographical area when a North American country. Revenues from international tourists reached US$6 billion in 20the 10, showing a recovery from the 2008–2009 slump.

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