# About Austria

About Austria

Capital Vienna
National Name Republik Österreich Austria
National Holiday New Year's Day
Language German
Austria country code +43
President Alexander Van der Bellen (2019)
Land Area 83,879 km²
Total Area 83,879 km²
Population 88.6 lakhs (2020 est)
Groth Rate 1.4%
Birth rate 1.47/1000
Infant Mortality rate 2.9/1000
Life Expectancy 81.69 years
Density 109 per Km2
Currency Currencies/Austria
Literacy Rate 18% (2020 est)


Austria is a country in southern part of Central Europe. Vienna is Austria's capital and the largest city in Austria. Covering an area of 83,879 square kilometers, it has an population of 9 million people. German is the official language of the country. Many Austrians converse in a variety of Bavarian dialects.


The Celtic tribes were the first to settle in Austria during the pre-Roman times. Petronell-Carnuntum in eastern Austria was an important army camp which was later known as Upper Pannonia province. Carnuntum sheltered 50,000 people for nearly 400 years.


The majority of the people were Roman Catholics while some are Protestants. The Christians are obliged to pay the church a “Kirchenbeitrag” which is mandatory membership fee. The 20th century saw a decline in number of churchgoers. The most commonly spoken language of Austria is Austro-Bavarian. Standard Austrian German is just for educational purposes . The German language is spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well as Italy, Belgium and Denmark.


Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Rudolf von Alt, Hans Makart, Gustav Klimt are some of the famous painters who belong to Austria. Inge Morath and Ernst Haas are the famous photographers . Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos, Hans Hollein who was a recipient of the 1985 Pritzker Architecture Prize are known for their architectures.


One must visit certain places in Austria, if one has been to Austria. One must walk down the glorious city of Vienna, Innsbruck, known as the Picture-Postcard town , Bad Gastein which can be a refreshing treat for body And soul. Zell Am See, known for its Pristine Alpine Wonders. Hoher Dachstein, known for the Three-State mountain. Krimml Waterfalls, which is Austria’s Famous Paradice. Vorarlberg, also known as the land of mountains. One can explore nature and history if one visits Krems. Styria, to witness the wildlife, Burgenland, to taste the wines. Hallstatt, one can have a scenic view of the lakes. Alpbach, famous for Skiing And Sledding.


The Austrian cuisine is a Royal-Cuisine which is famous for a well-balanced diet consisting of beef and pork and plenty of vegetables. "Mehlspeisen" Bakery is famous for delicacies like Sachertorte, "Krapfen" which are doughnuts and many more.

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