About Armenia

Capital Yerevan
National Name Western Asia.Armenia
National Holiday New Year's Day
Language Armenian
Armenia country code +374
President Armen Sargsyan (2020)
Land Area 29,743 km²
Total Area 29,743 km²
Population 2,963,243 (2019)
Groth Rate 7.6%
Birth rate 1.76/1000
Infant Mortality rate 10.5/1000
Life Expectancy 74.94
Density 104 per Km2
Currency Armenian dram
Literacy Rate 99.7 %. (2018)


Armenia officially known as the Republic of Armenia is a country located in Western Asia with Yerevan as its capital city. The name was originally derived from “Aram” a descendant of Hayk. Armenia is a developing country . Its economy is dependent on industrial output and mineral extraction.


According to the archeological surveys, early civilization existed in Armenia in the Bronze Age and earlier about 4000 BC. The world’s earliest known leather shoe, skirt, wine-producing facility have been discovered in archaeological surveys. Hayk, the legendary founder of Armenia, fought against Belus, Babylonian God of War along the Engil river to establish the first Armenian state. The event coincides with the destruction of Akkad by the Gutian Dynasty of Sumer in 2115 BC.


The most predominant religion in Armenia is Christianity from the time when Thaddaeus and Bartholomew, two of Jesus's twelve apostles, preached Christianity in Armenia between AD 40–60. Most of the Christians in Armenia belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church. Catholics belonging to both Latin rite and Armenian rite also exist in Armenia. Armenians follow their distinctive alphabet and language. The alphabet was invented by Mesrop Mashtots which has thirty-nine letters. Most of the population speaks Armenian. While few speak Russian and English.


Armenian music has a wonderful mix of indigenous folk music. Duduk music, light pop, and Christian music are some of the music that people enjoy listening to. Duduk, Dhol, Zurna are the instruments used to play Armenian music. Armenian chant is the oldest type of Armenian music which is believed to be the religious music of Armenia.


One should not miss the magnificent places of Armenia such as The city center of ancient Yerevan which is famous for Opera and Ballet Theater. Echmiadzin, constructed on the site of an ancient pagan temple. It is the religious center for all Armenians. Tatev Monastery is located on the edge of a deep gorge and surrounded by mountains on all sides. Lake Sevan, the highest lake in the world is popular in summer among tourists.

Madrasah-i Gawhar Shad
Buzkashi Stadium
Id Gah Mosque.
Ashraf Ghani