About Antigua

Capital Saint John's
National Name of Antigua and Barbuda
National Holiday New Year's Day
Language English
Aatigua country code +1
President Alincia Williams-Grant (2021)(2019)
Land Area 281 km²
Total Area 281 km²
Population 98,722 (2020 est)
Groth Rate -1.590% (2020)
Birth rate 14.741/1000 (2020)
Infant Mortality rate 4.953
Life Expectancy 77.15 years
Density 219 /km2
Currency Eastern Caribbean dollar
Literacy Rate 98.95%(2020 est)


Antigua also known as Waladli or Wadadli by the native people is an island in the lesser Antilles. It is one of the main island of the country of Antigua and Barbuda. The island 281 square meters in area with a population of 80,161.The economy mainly relies on tourism and agricultural sector. St. John’s is its capital city. The capital city has a deep harbor to accommodate large cruise ships.


The Arawak were the first documented group of people known to have settled in Antigua . They introduced agriculture and began cultivating Antiguan "black" pineapple. Corn, sweet potatoes, chili peppers, guava, tobacco, and cotton were also grown by them. Corn and sweet potatoes are still one of the staple food for many Antiguan people.


According to the history of the Caribbean, many colonists tried to use the locals as slaves .Since the colonists could not adapt to the new environment, they fell sick and died in a large number. The enslaved Africans became the first choice of unpaid labor and provided their services to their masters. According to a Smithsonian Institution article, the West African slaves had very high mortality rate which was offset by importing large number of slaves from West and Central Africa. The slaves were forced to work in sugarcane mills which was dangerous because they were at the risk of getting crushed in the machineries which operated 24 hours in a day during the harvest season.


It is known for the Antiguan racer which is among the rarest snakes in the world. It is a home to four special varieties of snake. Griswold's ameiva is a special lizard found in Antigua.


Half Moon Bay, at the southeastern end of Antigua is one the Caribbean’s best beaches. Stingray City, famous for face-to-face adventure with stingrays by five-minute speed boat ride. 17 Mile Beach, Barfamou , is best for those who want to see the ravishing stretch of coast. Dickenson Bay, is one of the popular and beautiful beaches in Antigua. Nelson's Dockyard National Park , is a hot spot for the tourists packed with multiple attractions.

Madrasah-i Gawhar Shad
Buzkashi Stadium
Id Gah Mosque.
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